About Us

We continue the legacy of our family. Authentic local family heritage.

Our hotel opened in 1993. Founded by William Sánchez Ulate and Virginia Vargas Alvarado. They have lived all their lifestyle in this land, consider one of the oldests local families from Montezuma.

Long ago, they decided to welcome tourist from all around the world to their cabins. And as the amount of people visiting Montezuma increased during years, the place evoled to a hotel, Hotel La Cascada.

Located right next to La Cascada de Montezuma and in front of the ocean, you can surrender yourself to the sounds of the sea, the river and the impressive jungle nature.

With an amazing location and great service, Hotel La Cascada is a gem for people looking for a relaxing and calm place to stay during your vacation. It will be a pleasure to welcome you!

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